“Creativity is the key to human liberation.” Grace Lee Boggs
Activist Songbook is a collection of 53 songs and raps to counteract hate and energize movements.

Material is based on interviews of Asian American, Asian immigrant, and Asian refugee organizers.

The initiative began in Lenapehoking (Philadelphia) and continues in different cities with interviews, workshops, and performances through the next U.S. Presidential Election on November 3, 2020.

Event Highlights

October 2017–May 2018
Asian Arts Initiative
25th Anniversary Celebration

July 2018
Montalvo Arts Center
We the People

October 2019–June 2020
International Festival of Arts & Ideas
Activist Songbook Online

Illuminated Manuscript

Coloring pages, rally signs, sheet music, and more at theactivistsongbook.org

Illuminated Manuscript page

Why 53?
There are 52 cards in a deck + 1 joker with orange hair.
There are 52 weeks in a year (one song/week) + 1 week into the next year.

Learn more, check out Events and Songs, or Contact to become involved.

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