Know Your Rights 知道你的权益

“I know my rights. Do you know yours?”
“Conozco mis derechos. Conoces los tuyos?”

Immigration news in the United States often flies far from individuals and into buzzwords and walls. During interviews for Activist Songbook, Asian American, Asian immigrant, and Asian refugee organizers tell us: “We need a multilingual rap to know what to do when ICE officers come to our doors.” In response, we created a “Know Your Rights” rap in English and Spanish.
The rap contains details about the legal protections available to maintain dignity and strength during ICE raids. The multilingual chorus can be used at rallies:

Police. ICE. (Border Control.)
Policía. Migra.
Jǐng chá. Biānjìng xúnluó.

Back up, police. I know my rights.
Conozco mis derechos.
Wǒ zhīdào zìjǐ de quánlì.

Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist, poet, and activist Jason Chu translated the rap into Mandarin. Watch on Vimeo:

Watch on YouTube:

“Know Your Rights” is part of Activist Songbook, a collection of 53 songs and raps to counteract hate by composer Byron Au Yong and writer Aaron Jafferis. The “Know Your Rights” rap is currently in English, Mandarin, and Spanish.

We invite other emcees to create and perform “Know Your Rights” raps in other languages. Can you help? Contact us.

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